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Today I wanted to talk about keeping your child's teeth healthy! 

So kairo has owned a toothbrush ever since his first teeth came in. He was 6months then. Since then he has gone through about 4 toothbrushes.  I want to share one of my favorites. 
So I love the Colgate brand they have toothbrushes that start from 0-2years!
They are so cute and the bristles are soft and small.  So if you introducing a tooth brush to you toddler or baby you want to make sure you get them excited about.  When Kairo was a baby, I would give Kairo his tooth brush after his had a bath while his still playing in the water. So he had lots of fun as a baby with his toothbrush. 
As kairo transitioned from baby to toddler. We got him a little stool and put him in front of the basin. My husband actually got Kairo into the routine of brushing his teeth every morning.  Kairo let's us brush his teeth and then he gets rewarded by getting to hold the toothbrush to brush himself and he loves it. He mostly just like the …

So i decided to talk about diaper/nappy rash, because my son recently had very bad rash.
So up untilrecently Kairo seemed immune to nappy rash, i still have the tube of Bennetts bum cream from when he was born. I don't really know what actually caused his rash.

I've heard that nappy rash stems from teething, it causes babies to have loose tummy's.

I've also heard its from tummy acid when babies make a poo.

So i did some homework and i found out that what actually causes is
 when wet nappy's aren't changed often, new foods, diarrhea and antibiotics. 

In Kairo's case he got his first teeth at 8 months (very advanced). His going though another teething stage, he had 8 teeth during his first year. His now 16 months and his getting his canines and molars. So i don't know if its that.
 We also changed his brand of nappies, from pampers to Huggies. 

But i noticed that its mostly when he has days where he po's a lot in one day.

So about 2 weeks ago Ka…

These things we cant prevent or predict they just happen. So i woke up to my baby with his one eye swollen. I checked his eye and it seem ok besides the swelling, he wasn't in any pain. He was still himself.
The previous day i remembered he was extremely grabby, he had some redness around the bottom of his eye but it didn't look  anything like in the photo. My mother in-law told me that when he woke up from his nap he had a bit of white goo in the corner of his eye. I immediately thought of his eye infection.  kairos-eye-infection
My mother in-law took him to the doctor and they said he has a cyst. They said we must just put warm salt water by his eye to draw out the cyst and they gave us a cream a well.
So the cream we have to apply inside the lid of his eye, and he don't like it he cries every time. Hopefully it will be gone soon.
I don't know if i should expect it again, cause this is his second time already.

So after a day of using his eye cream and cleanin…

I am so truly excited to write this blog. I have teamed up with!
They are an amazing online company bringing a wide variety of fun and exciting ways to learn. Designed for every stage of your childs life.

They have fun themes to choose from, to keep your kids interested!

Moms all the work is done for you already. You can go onto their website and get pdf's that give you a question sheet as well as an answer sheet. It really has everything thing in one place.
learning has never looked this fun!
They also have educational online games that will keep your kids entertained all through school holidays.

My son is only one and has not started school yet, but this is exactly what i envision for him!
I even started brushing up on my knowledge.  

As moms we always want to be the best and be everything our child needs. So moms or dads get involved. Start learning with your child and make Learning fun!

Get creative and inspired! with !

"Young l…



I wanted to put together a list of what i think newborns need. This blog is for pregnant mommies if you trying to sort out what you need when your baby arrives. I made a list of some of my favorites. All the basic clothing items i listed i got those for my son.The photos of Kairo above his wearing the Jet brand. The Edgars ones i recently started using and i love the quality a bit more than the Jet brand. I just think the textures are different, the Jet brand is more ribbed and the Edgars brand is alot smoother. The Jet brand stayed true to shape, it did not lose its shape after a few wears.
In terms of quantity of clothing for your newborn, I probably bought way too much newborn things cause he grew out of all his clothing fast. You get size 'newborn' & 1 to 3 months. I wanted the bodysuit's to fit properly, so that's why i bought the newborn. They will unfortunately grow out if it too fast. I know most of the advice i got …