I wanted to put together a list of what i think newborns need. This blog is for pregnant mommies if you trying to sort out what you need when your baby arrives. I made a list of some of my favorites. All the basic clothing items i listed i got those for my son.The photos of Kairo above his wearing the Jet brand. The Edgars ones i recently started using and i love the quality a bit more than the Jet brand. I just think the textures are different, the Jet brand is more ribbed and the Edgars brand is alot smoother. The Jet brand stayed true to shape, it did not lose its shape after a few wears.
In terms of quantity of clothing for your newborn, I probably bought way too much newborn things cause he grew out of all his clothing fast. You get size 'newborn' & 1 to 3 months. I wanted the bodysuit's to fit properly, so that's why i bought the newborn. They will unfortunately grow out if it too fast. I know most of the advice i got …

I wanted to share my not so fun experience that i had this pass weekend. My son was up two nights in a row. So it all started Friday night, at around 11pm or so, kairo was up crying and i could just tell it was more than just him wanting his bottle. He was really upset.
So we tried to give him his bottle but he refused to take it. Eventually we turned on all the lights and then we saw what the problem was. His eyes were completely closed!
They were stuck by a yellow goo.
We put warm water on his face cloth and just wiped his eye till they opened. I think he was traumatized that he couldn't get his eyes open.

Then i remembered my husband and i noticed he was getting like a yellow sticky goo in the corner of his eyes before he went to bed. Every time we wiped it 10 minutes later it would come back.
I didn't think too much of it and then the following morning it kept happening.
So i googled it to see if it was serious, and they gave me two options he eithe…



Life with a newborn, although it is true that they eat sleep and pop. They up every two hours or and hour. You have to now adjust to being on there schedule. It can be tiring, new moms have to rest as much as possible as well. I remember trying to sleep when he would sleep but i would be even more tired cause i would wake up still tired.

I think there are a lot of moments as a mom you go through but its not really discussed. Maybe some moms are worried that other moms will judge them. For me the night routine was the hardest i think cause your brain is telling your body its sleeping time, but you are up every 2 hours to feed your baby, burp your baby and make them sleep. I could not wait until he could hold his own bottlel! 
When you become a mom life changes for sure. I think its normal to love your baby and say hey this is hard work too. Its just super draining in the start cause both you and baby are adjusting to him being out your belly.  I was pretty much at ho…